Why You Should Choose Louvretec

Outdoor entertaining has always been popular in Australia. With our fantastic climate and all those sunny days, we’ve long been devotees of al fresco socialising. But now, as technology develops and outdoor products like retractable roofs and external blinds come onto the market, we’re moving away from outdoor entertaining and more towards outdoor living. We’re creating outdoor rooms and spending hours and hours in them; not just in party mode but in living mode as well.

As Australian fall further in love with this lifestyle, more companies have started catering to their needs and desires. There is no shortage of outdoor products for you to choose from so we want to let you know why you should choose us: 

For a start, our heritage. Some competitors are fairly new to this industry, we’ve been around for long enough to build up an unrivalled bank of knowledge, expertise and experience. Because we’ve been involved in so many projects over so many years, we know how to handle any challenge that a particular job may throw at us. The result is a fantastic result every time - you can only give that assurance if you know what you’re doing.

Secondly, our products. Clever, comprehensive and tough! We continue to expand our product range to keep up with modern architectural trends and innovations. We can offer you a perfect solution for your sun shading needs; we have it all including opening roofs, sun louvre and shutter systems, outdoor blinds, gates, fences and screens. Think of it as a one-stop-shop: you don’t need to go from company to company to get what you need. We have it all under one roof.

Research and Development:  We invest a lot into research and development and our products are fully engineered and tested for strength, functionality and reliability. Because of this, we can promise you the very best sun, weather, wind and privacy protection. But what sets us apart from many others is that our service is as good as our product range. We offer you a full sales service starting with the initial design ideas and ending with installation, which is always carried out by highly trained approved Louvretec installers.

We adopt the highest service and quality standards on all levels of sales, manufacturing and installation for your guaranteed customer satisfaction. That’s not just a sales pitch. They’re the values that we adhere to every day - and we’ve been doing that since we started. 

Our Warranties & After sales care: Giving you peace of mind.

Repeat Customers - a large proportion of the architects, designers, builders and end users we deal with have used Louvretec before, very special and all part of the wider Louvretec family.

If you’d like to know a little more about us and the ways we can transform your home, please get in touch with your nearest LouvreTec dealership and tell us what we need. With our product range and experience, we can help you for sure.