Outdoor, External Louvre Shutters

Louvretec Australia's Coastal Series Shutters provide your home or building with outdoor Louvred shutters in a flawlessly smooth system. Select from sliding, bifolding and hinged external shutters systems designed for the harsh Australian environment.

Sliding louvers shutters generally fit to the outside of the building, deck or within a prepared opening and as shuch only have top and bottom tracks and guides.

Louvretec shutters are available in many powdercoat or anodised colours, including a wood grain finish. Click here to find out more.

They're made of aluminium so they're durable too.

What are louvres in building?

In building terms, louvres are either fixed or adjustable horizontal slats that are aimed at controlling the amount of sunlight, offering you a choice of shade or sun. They can also be used to provide shelter from the weather and admit or omit air, blocking wind or allowing a necessary breeze on a hot day. Louvretec specialises in louvres, offering the leading technology for your home or commercial property.

How many types of louvres are there?

If you are interested in adding sleek and stylish louvres to your home, there are plenty of product options available at Louvretec Australia. From opening roofs to shutters and sun louvre systems, a solution can be found for any problem with us. We have over half a dozen products, each with several individual styles for each.

What are Aluminium Louvres?

Aluminium is the most durable material for louvres, providing a strong and long-lasting product which can deal with years of extended use and harsh weather conditions in the mixed Australian seasons. Aluminium louvres are also available in multiple powdercoated or anodised colours to match the look and style of your property or brand.

What are Sun Louvres?

The goal of sun louvres is to provide sunlight control for your residential or commercial property. Sun louvres aren’t confined to one design. They come in a full range of Airfoil and Rectangular shaped louvres, granting you protection from the sun above or morning and evening sun coming from the side. These durable aluminium louvres come with hand-operable or motorised functionality.

Part of Louvretec’s full product line is our outdoor shutter range. Why not enclose an outdoor area that you love spending time in, and turn it into a whole new room and enjoy more space? With Louvretec you can install external aluminium shutters to sit under your Opening Roof and to close in the sides of your deck, patio or veranda. Enjoy shelter from the sun and added privacy and style.

You can also use our shutter range as an external window treatment. Think about it – curtains aren’t as durable as the sun perishes them, they get dirty quickly and take up a lot of the window space. But with louvre shutters, you don’t have these problems. Sun louvres are super stylish, they’re versatile, low maintenance, and installed to stay, so you won’t have to take them down. They’re made from aluminium, which is long-lasting, lightweight and easy to clean – all you need to do is wipe them down!

We have a wide range to choose from, including the following: 

  • Sliding shutters 
  • Bifolding shutters 
  • Hinged external shutters 
  • Top hung sliders 
  • Hinged shutter doors 
  • Plantation shutters 
  • Midi louvres installed as slides 

The Australian environment can be equally beautiful and harsh, which is why most homes would benefit from a Louvretec shutter product. You can enclose your outdoor entertainment and relaxation areas smoothly when the weather turns, when the sun gets too hot, or when the nights turn cold. They’re manufactured intelligently, so that they generally fit the exterior of the building, with sliding mechanisms on the top and bottom that are effortless to use. 


Louvretec has an extensive range of shutters for you to choose from. We design, manufacture and install a range of sliding shutters, bifolding and hinged doors so that you can select what would work best with your home design and budget. Louvretec shutters are manufactured in high-quality aluminium so they’re corrosion resistance, and they’re powder-coated, which furthers your options when thinking about home aesthetic, colour, design and personal preference. 

Design applications include manual or motorised systems, bracket of fixed louvres. 

Hand adjustable louvre shutters are easy to use - you won’t struggle to use them, so you can easily choose how far open or closed you’d like your shutters to be at any time of day or night. They’re also compatible with our Louvretec opening roof range. 

When you’re thinking about enclosing your patio with outdoor louvres or installing external louvre shutters to your home and windows, give us a call at Louvretec. Our wide range of external aluminium louvres has something for everyone. 

Automation & Engineering

Choose from Sliding, Bifolding, Hinged Shutter systems.

Top Hung or Bottom Rolling? Top Hung SHutters are held captive within the top track so a minimal bottom guide is only required. Bottom Rolling Shutters do not require structural fixing at the head with all the weight being on the bottom track making them easy to operate.

Louvre infills can be hand operated using the KISS Pivot system which has double drive arms that sit flush against the frame when the louvres are closed.

For more information visit the Shutters technical page.


St Clair Residence

St Clair Residence

Manor Park

"My favourite room in the house" Mandy St Cllair. Howick

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St Clair Residence

St Clair Residence

Manor Park

"My favourite room in the house" Mandy St Cllair. Howick

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