Why You Should Cook Alfresco With Us

Our louvre roof systems are fantastic additions to any outdoor area, and even more so when they become part of an outdoor room. Our customers use their Louvretec rooms for all sorts of reasons including outdoor kitchens which are becoming even more popular than ever before. 

Outdoor kitchens are a very popular option when it comes to renovating or building new. As we continue to enjoy outdoor living in our climate, the way we cook and dine is evolving. Charcoal barbecues used to be what we cooked on until flash gas barbecues overtook them in popularity. But an outdoor kitchen, complete with full plumbing, gas and electricity supply for fridges, wine chillers, cooktops and grills, wok burners, pizza ovens, lighting, appliances and running water far exceeds even the grandest barbecue setup. All of this valuable equipment needs to be protected from the elements and, in most cases, shown off at its very best. An outdoor room allows those things to happen, and a Louvretec louvre roof system is a big part of that room.

An opening roof over your outdoor kitchen is a far better option than a solid roof, and for very good reasons. For a start, when cooking in your outdoor kitchen, odours, steam, barbecue smoke and the like travel upwards as well as laterally. When you open the roof louvres you vastly increase the ventilation of your outdoor kitchen which allows for cooking odours to waft away. On the other hand, a solid and impenetrable ceiling traps these things, and this is not desirable when the rest of the house starts to smell like a kitchen! Of course, when the cooking and eating is done, and when it starts to cool down, you can close the louvres to keep things cosy and comfortable as the party continues. 

On top of all that, a louvre roof system looks spectacular, mirroring the highly impressive kitchen you have on the ground below. As aesthetic apparel is just as important as functionality when it comes to outdoor kitchens, this is another consideration that cannot be overlooked.

If you want to use your outdoor room as an alfresco kitchen, then a Louvretec opening roof really should be on the menu - not just for practical reasons but for stylish ones as well. Combine that roof with our infill products like Slidetec frameless sliding doors or external shutters, and the overall effect will give your kitchen even more of a “wow” factor. Contact us today and let’s further discuss why you should cook with us.