Sliding Doors Will Create A Room

Much of the interest in LouvreTec’s range is centred on our louvre roofs. We know that a louvre roof can open up a home to the outdoors and help to create that much-desired indoor-outdoor flo.

While people are looking at our louvre roofs, including our new retractable opening roof, we always show them the rest of our product range. By doing so, they will see how other products could work in with a LouvreTec roof to create something even more an outdoor room! What’s more is that additional Louvretec products can be retro-fitted when you’re ready.

That’s easily achieved when you close the sides of your opening roof with our Slidetec frameless glass sliding doors and windows. As you’ll see here, when you take away the frames you add a whole lot of class to the way these doors look. They’re simply stunning. And when you use them as sliding wall infills you create a LouvreTec room. 

These stylish doors are much more robust than they might appear at first glance. The toughened glass sliders are designed to handle Australia's climate at its harshest. High wind zones, coastal conditions, salt spray and hot days are no problems at all.

When you add something like Slidetec frameless glass sliding doors and windows to the mix, and create a room as a result, you end up with a living space that you can use all day long, and all year round. While a roof over an outdoor area looks great in its own right, by closing in that space with walls, you will get so much more use out of it. There are practical benefits to consider as well, especially when the sun goes down. 

For example, an enclosed space keeps in much of the noise when the party continues into the later hours. Any considerate host will want to keep their neighbours happy, and the 10mm or 12mm glass in Slidetec doors and windows certainly dampen down the sound - not to mention the safety aspect with them being 10-12mm thick safety glass. When closed they keep guests warm and comfortable as things cool down outside.

Why have just a roof when you can have a whole room? If you’re looking at a LouvreTec roof, look a little further towards features like Slidetec frameless glass sliding doors and windows. When you see how they’ll turn special into spectacular, contact your nearest LouvreTec dealership and make something magic happen in your outdoor area.