Sliding Frameless Glass Doors Add So Much More

In creating a Louvretec outdoor room, you have many in-fill options that will close in the sides of the outdoor room while the spectacular opening roof above caps it all off. One of the ways to create walls is with Slidetec frameless glass sliding doors and windows. 

As you’ll see on the Slidetec page, our frameless glass doors add so much more to the feel and look of the room. With no heavy frames in the way, the view from the room is enhanced - they are like grand picture windows that are so in vogue, but with the option of opening them up on a beautiful summer’s day to let the breeze in. But when closed up, there’s virtually nothing but glass. This gives you an incredible outlook from your Louvretec room while strengthening the seamless connection between indoors and outdoors.   

Slidetec frameless glass doors are extremely stylish & robust. The glass sliders are designed and toughened to withstand Australia's challenging climate through all seasons; high wind zones, coastal conditions, salt spray and hot days pose no problems. 

Their practical advantages don’t end there. The 10mm or 12mm glass in Slidetec doors and windows dampen down the sound when they’re closed up, and keep things snug and comfortable when the sun goes down. And let’s not forget that glass of this thickness can be classified as safety glass, so it’s the perfect choice for family homes or in any situation where children are present.

As we have always said at Louvretec Australia, start with your deck or patio, add your Opening Roof and create an outdoor room by closing in the sides with glass doors. You’ll enjoy welcomed space in your home. When you use Slidetec frameless glass sliding doors and windows, the effect is quite stunning and we can think of no more stylish way to transform an outdoor area into a room you can use year round. So if you’re thinking of a roof over your deck to create a special place, why not consider taking it one step further with Slidetec sliding glass doors and windows? Contact your nearest Louvretec dealership and we’ll show you how easy it is.