Peas In A Pod: Outdoor Kitchens And Us

A decade or so ago, we were quite content with a flash barbeque on the deck, and this is still a great option but taking it a step further Louvretec Australia is busy installing Opening louvre roofs nationwide in Australia as part of outdoor kitchen installations.The outdoor kitchen that has every single feature including the kitchen sink. Dining alfresco has never been so easy.

Outdoor kitchens are trending right now. As Australians continue to embrace the joys of outdoor living in our excellent year-round climate, outdoor kitchens are becoming common fixtures in backyard entertainment spaces. Modern outdoor kitchens can be very high end and include full plumbing, gas and electricity supply to allow for fridges, wine chillers, cooktops and grills, wok burners, pizza ovens, lighting, a bench full of appliances and running water over that all-important kitchen sink. When you see a well designed outdoor kitchen, it’s easy to see that every dollar spent on it is well worth it.

Including a Louvretec Opening Roof to your outdoor kitchen plans provides shelter and sun control for your friends and family to linger longer outdoors and enjoy the delights to be cooked from your outdoor kitchen. Opening Roofs are stylish and functional. Close the roof louvres once the cooking and partying is done and enjoy atmosphere. On the other hand open the roof louvres for a gentle breeze and ventilation of your outdoor kitchen room allowing for cooking odours to waft away. Close in the sides of your outdoor kitchen with frameless sliding glass doors, mesh blinds, or clear PVC blinds - Louvretec can incorporate these products to create a magnificent outdoor room , which is only fitting for an outdoor kitchen that is just as impressive. 

If you have an outdoor kitchen on your mind, protect it in the most beautiful way possible and make it the centrepiece of a truly spectacular entertainment area. LouvreTec can help you achieve these practical and aesthetic outcomes in any number of ways. Contact us today and let’s discuss the delicious possibilities.