Three Things Every Outdoor Room Must Have

There are three things we think every home should have. An epic audio-visual room to listen to your favourite records and watch your most loved Australian movies; a home office dedicated to focused work time when working from home; and an Outdoor Room to extend your living space and increase your backyard comfort. Adding these three purpose-made areas of your home can increase your quality of life at home. 

Now, we all know what a movie/music room and home office are but what is an outdoor room? An Outdoor Room starts with shelter over your deck before closing in the sides with Louvretec Shutters, Frameless Sliding Glass Doors, Mesh Outdoor Blinds or Clear PVC Outdoor Blinds. With heating and lighting options too, your new space is ready to relax and entertain in all year round, broadening your living space and adding value to your home. Here are our three tips to create the perfect outdoor room.


Seeing that your Louvretec Room starts with shelter, so will we. Adding an opening deck roof gives you shade and shelter-control from both hot and wet weather. If it’s too sunny, simply adjust the louvres to grant more protection from the sun. If it looks like the weather is turning, simply close them. Our extensive range of opening roofs are the first step in creating an amazing Outdoor Room.


It’s 2023. One TV isn’t enough. Add a big screen to your Outdoor Room, coupled with a sofa and coffee table and enjoy midday sports, late night movies and morning cartoons in the open air with an outdoor space to enjoy your favourite shows. No longer will you have to decide between enjoying the weather and being stuck inside watching unmissable television. Instead, do them both at the same time.


Improve the flow of your indoors and outdoors by adding a colourful corner of indoor plants to your Outdoor Room. Plants can be used to section off areas of your outdoor room and add some green vibrancy to your decking. Helping to bring the outdoors in, adding plants can be an important addition to make your Outdoor Room feel fresh and natural.

Follow these tips to create a Louvretec Room to be proud of and get in touch today to find out more and get started on upgrading your home.