2020’s Hottest (And Latest) Home Boosters

Enquiries about louvre roof cost are commonplace to us. We receive a lot of them every week, and we’re not surprised. A louvre roof over an outdoor area goes a long way to creating a whole new room at a house.

If you’re looking at boosting the value of your home, creating a special outdoor area, like a LouvreTec Room can be a smart investment. That’s certainly what an Australian real estate agency comparison site believes anyway. In the past few weeks, they’ve published an updated list of the five top value adders when it comes to homes. They range from the very simple like a fresh coat of paint or updating the garden, to something a little larger in scale like renovating the kitchen or reflooring. And then, there’s this one: revitalising the outdoor area. As has been the case for some time, it really can be a sure-fire way to add value to a property.

The site suggests that the following things are key components in creating such a special space: hard, flat surfaces, comfortable seating and, crucially, protection from the weather. When you have a louvre roof you create a space that provides shelter from the elements, especially when used in conjunction with adjustable louvres or a sliding door. Everything can be opened to recreate a feeling of being outdoors - but when the weather turns, all of these components can be readjusted to provide you with shelter. While still enjoying your spectacular entertainment area. That’s not just appealing to your family and friends who have gathered in the space - but can also to potential home buyers should you list your home in the future.

This is why we’ve always said that the price of our products, including our louvre opening roof systems, should be considered as one of your home investments.The updated list of value-boosting home improvements confirms that. Great outdoor areas will always be attractive to home buyers - and even more attractive when they become fully functional and attractive outdoor rooms that increase a property’s liveable footprint.  Get in touch with us at any of our locations and discuss how we can help you make that addition.