What Makes A Great Outdoor Area: An Architect Speaks

There is so much more to outdoor spaces than there used to be. Back in the day, a barbecue by the Hills Hoist was about as good as it got. However, as we’ve gotten serious about outdoor entertaining and dining, and better appreciate how much value external spaces can add to a home, we’re going all out to make that space a sensational one. 

A retractable roof over a deck is a fantastic, integral part of creating your outdoor space. One of Australia’s leading architectural websites recently published a post on what it takes to create a great outdoor area and many of those things are achieved through the use of the products we sell.

For example, privacy is one of the biggest factors cited in the article, and a LouvreTec outdoor room incorporating external louvre shutters allows you to create that feeling of seclusion without shutting yourself into some sort of prison cell. 

The article also mentioned shade as being another huge component of a great outdoor area. While you’d think this would be common in most exterior spaces, a lot of shade structures are really only effective at certain times of the day when the sun is in a certain position. That’s because they’re usually fixed and very open structures with shade-giving parts in a set position - think an old fashioned gazebo. Yet again, an outdoor room is ideal as a louvre roof is adjustable to provide shade throughout the day. Choose from a motorised option, or hand operable. The louvre blades can turn up to 180 degrees so you can follow the sun as it travels its path in the sky. Enjoy extra sun protection being delivered through external shutters and blinds on the sides.

What else do architects consider to be key ingredients in the ultimate outdoor area? Their article suggested the following:

  • Shelter. Protection from the weather allows for the space to be used all day long, and all year round. Remember too, that with blocks of land getting smaller, creating outdoor spaces that allow for year-round use and liveability add a lot of property value.   
  • A place to cook. This might seem obvious but it is one of the biggest things you can do to create the perfect outdoor space, according to the architects behind the report. The installation of cooking facilities, as well as a nice dining area, are seen as essential in exterior areas, for both home owners and potential home buyers. It could be as simple as a gas BBQ and a simple dining setting, or as big and grand as a complete kitchen.
  • Highlight the connection between inside and out. Indoor/outdoor flow is a well known phrase by now but you really need to emphasise this special feature, In particular, give a lot of thought to how space, light, breezes and views from outside will be experienced while you’re inside. If you can maximise these four things, your connection with the outdoors will be really strengthened and transform your home. 
  • Make low maintenance a high priority. A wonderfully practical suggestion. An outdoor space is there to be enjoyed, not cleaned and maintained all the time. So products manufactured from strong and durable materials, stylish good looks, and the ability to withstand the elements are a great option.

Louvretec products tick all of the boxes that the architect discussed in creating the ultimate outdoor area. But which ones will best suit your home? Feel free to contact us and we’ll happily discuss the options with you.