Your Roof, Your Way

Many of the enquiries we receive are to do with Louvretec louvred roof cost in Australia. As these roofs are becoming increasingly sought after additions in many Australian homes, it is not surprising there is so much interest in them. We welcome your interest too! Let us just say, that there is no such thing as one roof fits all as all Louvretec Opening Roofs are made to your precise requirements. There is a bit for you to consider and we’re very happy to help you make a perfect choice.

For example, there are currently eight different styles of louvre roof to choose from, and this comes down to yours and your home’s  and, crucially, your wind zone. Some areas are windier than others, and if you happen to live in a high wind area you’ll be pleased to know there is a roof that is capable of  standing up to the elements. Make sure your view our Retractable Opening Roof which allows you to retract the louvre blades back for clear skies above, or you can bring the louvres back overhead for operable cover when shelter is required.

Also consider the size of the area you want to cover. An initial enquiry with approximate measurements will allow us to give you an estimate however, this is an indicative quote and isn’t final. A site visit and measure will be required before we can present you with a formal quotation.

Colour is something else to factor in. We offer you a fantastic choice, and this extensive selection surprises many people who think louvre roofs only come in a limited range of colours. But because you’re spoilt for choice, you can really take advantage of the roof’s size and visibility and use it as a stylish feature that offsets everything in the vicinity or select the Opening Roof the same colour as your existing joinery.

Finally, once you have your Opening Roof in place it’s often the start of something truly spectacular; a Louvretec outdoor room. It’s a case of closing in the sides of the roofed structure with any of the following Louvretec products:  Louvretec Shutters, Frameless Sliding Glass Doors, Mesh Outdoor Blinds or Clear PVC Outdoor Blinds. Add in our premium range of lighting and heating options and you’ve created a functional living space in your home that you can use year-round...and it all starts with the roof! We welcome your enquiries about price and everything else you need to consider when you’re thinking about investing in an opening roof.