Your new favourite room

Do you find yourself often switching between rooms to avoid the sunlight streaming in or the heat getting too much? Privacy often plays a factor too. Whether you want to avoid passersby seeing what you’re doing at home or just want to keep prying eyes out. These factors no longer need to play a part in where you spend your time. Instead, add Louvretec shutters to the exterior of your home’s windows for the ultimate in privacy and sunlight control. We’ll help make your favourite room even better.

Cinema Room

Having a movie room to sit back and relax in for those chilled out nights is a dream come true. However, with the late summer evenings in Australia, sometimes it’s too early and bright to be able to watch a movie on and enjoy it fully. Consider adding Louvretec’s  aluminium shutters to reduce screen glare.


If you’re a keen chef the kitchen will be a place you happily spend a lot of time. For us, cooking can be meditative and a place to regain control over the busy and stressful weekdays. Kitchens are a room where control is everything. You need to be organised and one step ahead. So for ultimate control, add shutters to allow or omit sunlight and stay cool in the kitchen by enjoying fresh air and a welcome breeze. We design, manufacture and install a range of sliding shutters, bifolding and hinged doors so that you can select what would work best with your home design and budget.


Nowhere is privacy more important than bedrooms. They are a place for peace and quiet that should be protected from any outdoor factors. Whether you’re getting ready for the day, ready for bed, or just don’t want to be visible to neighbours when you are in your slumber, adding shutters can be the perfect form of privacy protection. There are a number of different benefits that shutters can provide too. If you work night shifts, enjoy lie-ins or go to bed early in the evening, having shutters that offer control from the Australian sun are essential for getting good sleep. They can also add to reducing the noise of roads and extreme weather conditions. They also look good too and will add to the aesthetic of your home.

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