Your LouvreTec Roof: An Investment Not A Cost

We invite you to contact your closest Louvretec Dealer to make a pricing enquiry  about the cost of a Louvretec roof for your unique property location and style.  We’d be delighted to answer your questions. Our team can provide you with a ballpark price based on measurements you provide or of course we can visit your site and take measurements ourselves to provide you with a free,  accurate quote.  Of course, the cost of a LouvreTec roof depends on different factors, such as size and location,  and we’ll go into those details in greater depth as we continue our initial consultation. At the end of a discussion/communication with a Louvretec sales rep you’ll have a firm idea of cost. And, by the time you’ve read this article, you’ll also have a better idea of the cost benefits!

Adding a Louvretec roof system to your home is a worthwhile investment.  A retractable roof over a pergola or deck area creates an outdoor room giving you more room. In terms of creating a whole new living space at your home, this type of roof is a great way of achieving this by extending the usable floor space of your property. Potential homebuyers place great outdoor entertainment areas near the very top of their list when they’re house hunting. We often see in Real Estate flyers copy about a property advising to the effect that the ‘Louvretec outdoor area provides for great indoor outdoor flow and opens up the home to the outdoors.’ 

A Louvretec Opening roof can also make a home a more energy-efficient one. A louver roof system can be adjusted to let in the maximum amount of sun in winter, or keep it out during summer so you can create a cooler home, another tick in the investment column for LouvreTec roofs.

When asking how much Louvretec roofs cost, you must also consider their longevity. We use premium materials in the design and construction of all our systems e.g. durable aluminium louvres and marine-grade stainless steel for some of the componentry. All Louvretec products are fully engineered. Louvretec Opening roofs look great and last long and when you compare a Louvretec roof to a cheaper awning you’ll see why the roof is a much smarter investment. An awning won’t withstand the elements like one of our roofs will.

Your investment in a LouvreTec roof will far outweigh the cost. So while you obviously need to know how much you’ll pay, you should also be informed as to how the roof will pay you back. We’ll tell you how, so please get in touch