Your Louvre Deck Roof: A Roof For All Seasons

A louvre deck roof provides shade and cooling breezes during long summer days, and in many ways, it creates an additional room in your home rather than just a standard outdoor entertainment area. But why should the fun stop when summer ends? Australia gets plenty of sun in winter, so a louvre roof over your deck is a wonderful addition to your home in all seasons. By using it year-round, you get even more value. 

Our louvre opening roof systems are smart. Because the blades rotate up to 180 degrees, you can control the conditions on your deck. In addition to our Opening Roofs, our new Retractable Opening Roofs let you take the louvre blades right back to let in the maximum amount of sunlight and air. This is a great way of bringing breeze into the area on a hot summer’s day or maximum sunshine on the glorious autumn and winter days we frequently enjoy in Australia. 

Retract Roof louvres let you bring the louvre blades back into play on hot, sunny days. This is ideal on days when summer showers come and go, or when the sun is just too intense and operable overhead protection is required. 

Even on gloomy days, there’ll still be times when you want to relax outdoors. After all, you’ve created a fantastic space with all the comforts of home, so it’s only natural you want to enjoy the area. With a louvre deck roof, you can, simply by adjusting the aluminium louvres to a fully-closed position. This is when an outdoor area really feels more like an outdoor room, and proves its worth as a space for all seasons. 

aluminium blades we use, as well as all of the other components in our louvre roof systems, are durable and manufactured to handle harsh conditions, including high wind zones. For all that toughness, they look great & are fully engineered. All of our aluminium louvres, no matter how and where they’re used, blend robust qualities with the latest designs and colours. 

The team at Louvretec Australia want you to get the most from your louvre deck roof. That means using it year-round so you can enjoy your outdoor entertainment area in all seasons. Get in touch. We’d be delighted to discuss all of our product range with you, and how to set up the louvres at just the right angles so you can make the most of your outdoor space every day.