Why Winter Sun Is Good For You

Australian winters are sunny seasons, with New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia getting virtually as much sun in winter as they do in summer. A retractable roof for your pergola or outdoor deck area will let you enjoy that sun during the middle of the year, and according to scientists, that will do you a world of good.

With a deck area topped by a retractable roof creating an outdoor room, you can enjoy that wonderful space as much as you can, even during winter. That’s a smart idea for all sorts of reasons. Research shows that exposure to sunshine is especially important over winter, as the sun provides up to 90% of our daily Vitamin D requirements. This vitamin protects against disease and slows the ageing process, and we often become deficient in it during winter when we tend to stay indoors for long periods of the day. With an outdoor room to relax in, topped by a retractable roof that you can adjust to let in maximum sun, you’ll continue to get the Vitamin D you need.

There are several other important reasons why you need a regular dose of winter sun. Many of us coming out of winter and into summer feel like we have been hibernating and cannot wait to spend time outdoors, an opening closing roof will give you sun shade control. 

Researchers also believe that exposure to sunshine can improve your mood, which can often be a little gloomier over the winter months. You might also get a better night’s sleep thanks to being able to regulate melatonin production.  You don’t need to overdo it when exposing yourself to UV rays: scientists believe that two 20-minute sessions on a sunny day are all you require and of course always be sun smart.

There are certainly some very healthy reasons why you should put a retractable roof over your deck area. You’re not only creating a very desirable outdoor room, and adding value to your home in all sorts of ways, but you’re also doing your body, soul and home a lot of good. For the best ways to enjoy that health-giving winter sun at your place, get in touch with your local LouvreTec Australia branch.