What To Ask Yourself When Looking At Deck Roofing Options

If you want to add value to your home, consider improving your outdoor living areas. Direct sunlight and overwhelming heat can make you head indoors instead, where it’s cooler and more comfortable, when you really would love to stay outdoors. Louvretec Opening Roofs provide your outdoor living area with overhead sun and weather control. With so many deck roofing options available consider these questions: .

How Will It Be Installed?

All Louvretec Opening Roofs are installed by qualified, in house installers. Opening Roofs can span horizontally across your deck, or can span vertically out over your deck. You also need to consider your location’s wind zone. Our team can help you with spanning direction decisions.

Do You Want Flexibility In How Much Sunshine You Get?

Not all louvred roofs are retractable. You can also install opening roofs with louvre blades  that open and close but don’t retract. We have 7 different standard Opening Roof styles to choose from. If you want a Retractable Roof we have three styles to choose from. You can even have translucent louvres which allow filtered light to flow when the roof is closed overhead. 

Do You Prefer Manual Or Motorised?

Both options are available to you and need to be considered. Does your deck have electricity? if not a manual roof that uses a crank handle could be the solution for you. Motorised roofs are by far the most popular control option - allowing the louvre blades overhead to open and close up to 180 degrees so you can set and control conditions. What you choose will depend on your situation & location, and you should consider your options first - our team of sales reps are more than happy to offer you design ideas.

What colour will you choose for your Opening roof?

Louvretec  louvred roofing systems are manufactured out of aluminium and can be powder coated in a colour of your choice or anodised. 

Anodising means that colour is in the metal, not on the metal such as the process with powder coating. Anodising uses an electrochemical bath process & the louvres are dipped into the bath. 

Think of powder coating as a painted finish on top of the aluminium 

Find out more by contacting your closest Louvretec dealer.