We're In The Business Of Happiness

We’re in business for several reasons. For a start, we transform homes through our vast product range: retractable roofs, sun louvre and shutter systems, outdoor blinds, gates, fences and screens. But we’re also in the business of happiness. Our clients often tell us how delighted they are with what we’ve done for them. We create outdoor living spaces that they can use and enjoy year-round and as we come into autumn and winter, that is incredibly important. 

The feeling of being able to enjoy outdoor living all year round is hugely appealing to many of our potential clients. Those who do decide to invest in our products say the reality is even better. Regardless of what the weather is doing, they’re in an outdoor space doing pretty much everything they could do in the summer months keeping those winter blues at bay. Our outdoor rooms extend the summer season feeling and provide the pportunity to live outdoors year-round. View our spectacular outdoor rooms. 

Here’s a break down of how we can add to your lifestyle. We start with an opening roof over a deck adjoining a home. This provides much of the shelter required when creating any haven. We then close in the sides of the deck by adding any of the following LouvreTec Australia products: LouvreTec shutters, frameless sliding glass doors, mesh outdoor blinds or clear PVC outdoor blinds. We can then add our premium range of lighting and heating options, and there you have it: an additional, functional living space that can be enjoyed year round in your home.

If you like the idea of extending that summer feeling and providing your home with more space & happiness contact LouvreTec Australia and we’ll go over the options available to you. We guarantee we will have something for all seasons!