We'll Give You Your Space

For a lot of our clients, the lockdown was a reminder that their homes had certain limitations. Being stuck inside their houses for longer periods than they’re used to saw them reassess their living space.  That explains why we’ve been busy since lockdown with projects that will create more space, more room to live in, and an extra space in which to relax. We have just the thing

Our deck roofing options can create an outdoor living space that feels like a whole new room. That’s the feeling you’ll get when you cover an existing outdoor area, and it’s accentuated when you add other features like our sliding, bi-folding and hinged external shutter systems, outdoor blinds or sliding glass doors. When you combine a louvre opening roof system with things like louvre shutters, you really do create a room, and you can decorate it as you would with any other room in the house - or you could go one big step further and put in an outdoor kitchen to make the area an even more functional entertainment area.

The great thing about the extra living space we can design for you is it brings the outdoors in, to a certain extent. A retractable louvre roof or adjustable shutters can be opened or closed as the weather conditions dictate, and this gives you protection from the elements and allows you to stay in your space throughout the day, or evening. 

By adding a space outdoors, you’re busting out of the confines of the four walls that stare back at you when you’re inside. An outdoor room opens up your world and gives you a new perspective on your home. It incorporates the garden and the landscaping, it surrounds you with the sounds of nature and allows you to make the most of Australia’s frequent sunny days, in both summer and winter  - but at all times, through the smart use of louvre shutters, your privacy can be retained without feeling like you’re cooped up, indoor outdoor flow is also achieved.

With the addition of an outdoor room at your home, you’re also adding to the liveable floor space of your property. Outdoor entertainment areas are very much on the wish list for potential home buyers right now, so as an investment, the space you’re craving will be a smart one for the future. So contact us today and let’s look forward to making your home a more spacious, and liveable, one.