We Prescribe A Dose Of Summer Sun - But Not Too Much

The sun is the best source of Vitamin D, and getting enough of this particular vitamin is vitally important. Over 30% of Australians have a mild, moderate and even severe Vitamin D deficiency, and low levels of the vitamin have been linked to muscle weakness, osteoporosis, cancer, and depression. Regular, safe exposure to the sun’s UV levels will go a long way to making up for this deficiency.

We know that too much sun is a dangerous thing. Intense, repeated UV light exposure that leads to frequents occurrences of sunburn increases the risk of skin damage & raises the risk of skin cancers. With Australia still having one of the highest skin cancers rates in the world, this remains a serious concern.

So how do you get the balance right between not enough sun, and too much? Do it safely, especially on a beautiful summer’s day when you’re enjoying the outdoor living we Australians are so fond of. On days like these, it is easy to forget how much time you have spent in the sun. A Louvretec retractable roof will let you set and control conditions by dispensing just the right amount of sun during the day.  It can be fully retracted for a clear view of that glorious blue morning or evening sky, but when the sun is directly overhead and at its most fierce, the roof louvres can be brought back as overhead cover. This not only gives you and your guests a welcome respite from the midday heat, but it also provides protection from extreme levels of UV rays. It allows you to enjoy the feel of outdoor living without being exposed to the more harmful aspects of that lifestyle. 

Iin Australia, we always place ourselves at risk when we spend long periods outdoors. We see a retractable roof as just one of the ways to assist  with playing it safe while creating an outdoor area that can add value to a home, and a wow factor to your backyard. Slip on a shirt, always pop on spf sunscreen (regularly throughout the day) and a hat to increase your sun safety. 

Adding Louvretec Shutters or outdoor blinds will add to the functionality of your Retractable Opening Roof & create a whole new outdoor room. 

No matter where you are in Australia, you live in a sunny spot. You also live near a LouvreTec dealership. To give you just the right amount of sun, get in touch and we’ll prescribe a stylish and safe outdoor living arrangement!