We’ll Give You Room To Grow

The Louvretec Outdoor Room is a thing of beauty. It brings together some of our finest products such as an opening roof, shutters, sliding doors or outdoor blinds to create a stunning space - and a highly liveable space at that.

Our clients do different things to make their individual mark on their outdoor room. Some transform it into an outdoor kitchen complete with bbq ovens, fridges & running water. Other customers  turn the space into a lounge with outdoor furniture.  And then there are others who create a tropical garden in their special spot.

An outdoor room literally gives you room to grow. It’s almost like a climate-controlled area where you manage the amount of sunlight and shade that certain plants require. Let’s not forget that outdoor blinds and shutters can be closed to reduce the number of flying pests and insects entering the room and devouring the plants. It’s little wonder that some plant species thrive in these types of conditions, and here are just a few of them:

  • Golden Cane Palm: This palm is at its best when planted in a big pot and will reward you with a lush and green appearance in your outdoor room all year round.
  • Dwarf Date Palm: When fully grown, this palm has a beautifully patterned base with lush green foliage. Just take care when trimming away dead foliage as there are spikes on the branches, and they’re sharp!
  • Ponytail Palm: The base of the bulb looks a bit like a ponytail, hence the name. Expect plenty of foliage with this palm which looks really good when placed in a corner in a large round pot. These are excellent water-saving plants, as the bulb at the base holds a lot of water.
  • Ficus: A departure from palms, and a beautiful one at that. Ficus is perfectly suited to an enclosed space and produces lovely leaf colouring and greenery year-round. They grow well in pots and can be easily kept at your preferred height. Introduce different varieties for a depth of colour.
  • Ferns: Ferns are a beautiful way to fill an empty space in any outdoor room. They look great in large pots and even better in hanging baskets where they can be made to look plump and abundant with green foliage.
  • Bromeliads: These are exotic additions to an outdoor room, with a stunning display and an amazing flower. They grow well in shallow pots which is ideal if you want to group different pots together. Bromeliads produce smaller growths called “pups” which can be removed and planted into their own pot.
That’s just one way to use a LouvreTec Outdoor Room. You might have your own ideas about what you want to do in yours. Contact us today and let’s discuss your exciting plans.