Five Ways Aluminium Louvres Can Benefit Your Home

You might think that louvres are a new invention, but they’ve actually been used in construction and architecture for many years. Today, louvres are manufactured and designed to be much more sophisticated, with aluminium louvre panels adding functional and aesthetic elements to your home. Here are a few ways aluminium louvres can add flare to your home.  

1) Sunshade  

The most common reason why louvres are installed in most homes is to provide shade from the sun. Australian summers can be brutally hot, which is why they’re such a popular addition on many residential and commercial properties. With aluminium louvres, you can control when the sun comes in, and when you want to keep it out. For example, with fully- or partially-open louvres, the winter sun can make your home warm and comfortable, but in summer, you may prefer them completely closed, to keep the indoors cool. 

 2) Ventilation  

Proper ventilation is essential, especially if you want to save money on the air conditioning in summer. During the warmer months, the inside of your home or office can be stifling. But with aluminium louvre panels in the ceiling or windows, you can ventilate your household without using the air conditioner. If you live in a coastal town, you’ll appreciate your louvres even more, for allowing the fresh sea air into your home, keeping it cool and comfortable. If you live in a humid area, louvres will also ventilate your home so that it’s free of dampness.  

3) Privacy  

Privacy is something that everyone takes seriously particularly if you have neighbours close to your boundary. Sometimes, you want to have a quiet gathering space on the deck without prying eyes. With adjustable aluminium louvres, you can control the element of privacy that you and the buildings around you benefit from.

 4) Louvre Roofs  

Having an outdoor living area like a deck, a veranda or a patio can make all the difference for those who enjoy relaxing and entertaining outdoors. Louvretec Opening Roofs are compatible with our sun louvre systems so you can close in the sides of your deck and enjoy a new space - your outdoor room. 

Architectural Features 

Aluminium louvre panels are not only a functional addition to install in your home for privacy, sun control  and design purposes. They are also available in over 100 different colours. All Louvretec products are fully engineered.
Many architects specify Louvretec products on their own home.