Use of your outdoor room in summer vs winter

As a company that specialises in solutions for your outdoor areas, we know a thing or two about how to maximise your backyard space all year round. That’s why we’ve written this guide to help you decipher the best uses of your Louvretec opening roofs and outdoor rooms in summer and in winter.


If summer is your favourite time of year, it’s likely you’ll enjoy your outdoor spaces more during the hottest months. Unfortunately, sometimes the Australian heat is near unbearable so a smart sun solution is required to allow you to enjoy it safely and comfortably. Our opening roofs do just that. More than two decades ago, Louvretec was founded and offered just one style of opening roof. Now we offer seven as well as our new Retract Opening Roof. All our opening roof louvre blades rotate open and close which means that you can set the scene you’re most comfortable with to block sunlight partially or completely.

Ways to enjoy your opening roof

  • Keep the party going with midday sun protection to protect your skin 
  • We argue BBQs aren’t just for sun. Enjoy weather protection  and don’t let it dampen your cookout.
  • Control how hot things get by adjusting the louvres to permit more sunlight or provide more shade


If winter is your thing, you’ll value the time you get to spend outside and the comfort and warmth of the indoors. We have got the answer. With our opening roofs and outdoor roofs you can protect yourself from the harsher elements of Australian weather and extend time spent outdoors through autumn and winter. Starting with opening roofs that close to provide shetler from the elements, you can then go on to add Louvretec shutters, frameless sliding glass doors, mesh outdoor blinds or clear PVC outdoor blinds to provide total shelter when you need it. It doesn’t end there. Lighting  and heating can provide you with all the tools needed to make a fully functional outdoor room to be enjoyed no matter what time of year.

Ways to enjoy your outdoor room

  • Winter is made for game nights. Invite friends over for poker or Monopoly in the comfort of an outdoor room
  • Heating options mean you no longer have to retreat indoors when the temperature drops.
  • Add a TV and create your very own outdoor cinema room. 
  • Outdoor Lighting brings atmosphere & makes your outdoor room cosy and usable no matter what time of day.

So there it is. Your outdoor spaces will be ready for you to use in winter, just as much as they will in summer. Louvretec has you covered with our high-quality products for your home. To find out more, contact us today.