Use of sun louvres in architecture

The use of sun louvres in architecture can inspire the creation of multifunctional outdoor rooms. This offers the occupier the chance to enjoy more room to relax and entertain all year round. If you are an architect you can discover the specifications of all our products and technical information here. Our award-winning, extensive opening roof range, sun louvre systems, external shutters, outdoor blinds, outdoor glass doors, gates & other custom made installations are suitable for residential & commercial buildings.

Architecture aims to make the most of the surrounding environment to maximise the sunlight and shade on offer. The best architecture takes in to account the environment in a functional and aesthetically pleasing manner. Buildings should work with their surroundings rather than against them. The environment can be part of the design by involving landscaping and planting flowers and trees. This adapting of the outdoors to complement the build is important, but there is one aspect of the outdoors that can’t be manipulated; sunlight.

Historically, shade was created by planting trees in strategic places. Whilst a long drawn out process, this process worked well and although trees contribute towards cooler cities in the modern-day, technology has taken over from original methods of shading due to reduced outdoor space and convenience. High-density housing and lack of privacy are also reasons to consider using sun louvres as part of housing design.

So, although sunlight cannot be manipulated directly, architectural technology can work with sunlight and shade to offer control over your settings. By letting your chosen amount of light through sun louvres you can control the comfort of your home and even benefit energy efficiency. 

Natural light is a selling point of homes - how much sun the house gets, whether it is East or West facing for sunrise and sunset. Our sun louvre systems take every aspect into account to create your chosen balance of sunlight and temperature when installing our systems in homes. Our staff are experts in offering advice and guidance to customers and architects. The house will have different needs depending on the season which is all part of the conversation with Louvretec. Adjustable systems and custom made systems is the final step towards achieving perfection for a home. Louvretec sun louvres are available motorised, hand operable or fixed in place with a large range of louvre widths/sizes to choose from.

Enjoy shade, privacy and a stylish aesthetic. It’s all part of the package. Contact us today to find out more about incorporating Louvretec designs in your builds.