Updated: Property Value Adders In 2021

We like to keep you constantly updated with trends in the real estate market. We know a lot of you invest in our products, like a retractable roof for a pergola, to enjoy a better lifestyle now but also to add value to your home in the future. Purchasing any of our outdoor lifestyle products will bring you the enjoyment you crave while increasing the value of your property. 

This opinion is strongly endorsed by Australia’s leading real estate agent comparison site. They’ve just published an updated list of their Top 5 value adders for 2021, and we thought we’d share them with you while it is hot off the press. Here are the famous five:

  • You don’t have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to add value. Research undertaken by the agent comparison site reveals a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to transform the appearance of the home and immediately add value. Things like an interior feature wall in your lounge, dining room or outdoor room, or trendy paint colour or texture can modernise the look of your home. However, try to choose colours that will stay current and don’t overwhelm potential buyers who have more conservative tastes.
  • Floors are another area where you can get big returns on your initial investment. Old, outdated and damaged floors are a real turn off, so any remedial work you can do to improve the appearance of your floors will pay dividends. 
  • Another simple and relatively cheap value adder is a comprehensive garden tidy up. A neglected garden is an eyesore and a deal killer, often putting potential buyers in a negative state of mind before they even set foot inside the home. It’s easy to cut back hedges and trees and pull out weeds and add new plants and flowers. Using garden beds to separate areas of the garden creates a distinctive space that can be much more eye-catching than a traditional layout. Meanwhile, things like solar lighting, garden art and water features will give your garden added X factor.
  • First impressions always count. So, if the initial impact of your property is poor, it will take away value in the eyes of the buyer. This is why a well-presented driveway is hugely important. It’s one of the first things someone sees when they come to your home - a cracked, dirty or oil-stained driveway won’t be a welcoming sight. Do whatever you can to enhance the appearance of your driveway. And do the same to your fence, front garden and letterbox while you’re at it. 
  • We’ve saved the best for last. The property experts on the agency comparison site firmly believe that investing in outdoor areas “can dramatically increase the perceived value of your home.” In particular, the addition of a patio or entertainment area is a great idea but the following things should be kept in mind: hard, flat surfaces, comfortable seating and protection from the weather. Anything that adds living space to the home will be highly regarded as well. All of those features are deemed as highly desirable - and we can help you achieve all of them if you’re looking to add value to your home through spectacular outdoor areas.