Transform Your Home with Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are at the top of many homes going through renovation, and it's not surprising. Sliding glass doors maximise that outdoor-indoor feel every homeowner dreams of and give a sleek design that brings houses to the contemporary decade.

At Louvretec, we create bespoke outdoor rooms so with this in mind our range of sliding glass doors are available tailor-made for your situation, for any area of your home. Discover how our Sunflex Glass Doors can transform your home in many ways.

Brighten Up Areas

From darkness to light, the Sunflex Glass Doors can transform your outdoor deck area and bring in an influx of natural light. Essentially, it’s taking a standard wall on your deck and replacing it with a glass view and without the harsh elements coming through. Watch as our sliding glass doors flood light into your home and lift the interior. Slide the glass door along to one side and the wall disappears letting you enjoy your view.

Big Glass Display

Never miss out on a chance to catch the beautiful golden sunset or to see your kids play in the backyard. With the Sunflex Glass Doors, you’re free to enjoy every sunset and every memory from the comfort of your own lounge. Weather turning chilly? It won’t stop you from enjoying the view all year long through the sliding glass doors.

Indoor-Outdoor Flow

There’s nothing like a sliding glass door to impress friends and family when they see that the wall can easily open up. Along with our Sliding Glass Doors, we also have our Slide and Turn Glass Door System that lets you slide each glass panel individually along and then move each panel back in a neat stack. As you neatly fold each retractable glass door, you’re opening up a section of your home to seamless indoor-outdoor flow, perfect for entertaining and welcoming guests and enjoying your view.

Louvretec Australia has a range of sliding glass doors available, so however the scale of your home renovation project, we can design a solution to meet your needs. For more information on the Louvretec Sunflex Glass Doors, visit your nearest Louvretec showroom or contact us for pricing.