Tips for Creating the Perfect Alfresco Dining Experience

With the arrival of the warmer months comes the season for alfresco dining. Whether you are planning a grand outdoor dinner party or a low-key get-together, here are some simple tips for planning the perfect alfresco dining experience.

Get inspired

For the perfect alfresco dining experience, see what has been done before and seek inspiration from a variety of sources. From Pinterest to home and food magazines - there is so much creativity out there that you can draw inspiration from. There is a multitude of images and articles available to help get your creativity flowing. You can explore gourmet recipes, ambient music playlists and outdoor decor ideas including outdoor lighting and wireless speakers for music.

outdoor table setting with purple orange flowers

Setting the table

When it comes to setting the table, you can get as minimal, as elaborate, as informal or as fancy as you want. You can use your finest china or disposable plates. The way you choose to set the table will set the mood and feel of your alfresco dining experience. Consider adding little decorative and personal features to your table setting to set the scene. This could be a vase of foliage, some candles or an interesting table runner. A tablecloth is a great way to hide the imperfections of an old table that has been repurposed for your event!

Mix and match outdoor furniture

Outdoor dining often has a more informal vibe. There is no obligation to have chairs that match the table, or even chairs that match each other. Feel free to use different pieces of furniture together and artfully consider it to be eclectic.

Incorporate sun and rain protection

If you are planning a daytime get together, the overhead sun can be an unwanted intrusion on your perfect alfresco dining experience. Ideally, you do not want your guests to be uncomfortably hot from sitting directly in the sun’s harsh rays. If you provide shade, people will linger longer and will more thoroughly enjoy your alfresco dining experience.

Alternatively, if the heavens open a shelter over your deck such as the addition of a Louvretec Opening Roof will create a cozy haven & will let the party continue.

The best way for sun control is to install a Louvretec opening roof which will let you set the scene. These innovative roofing systems open and close at the touch of a button (they can also be operated from your phone). They are sleek and sophisticated and are the perfect option for outdoor dining at any time of the day.