The Roofing Solution For Pergolas

Having friends and family around on weekends for a barbeque, a pool party or a dinner party is something that Australians love to do. You might even say it’s a part of our culture! But if the sunshine is becoming unbearably hot, it can become uncomfortable with guests drifting inside. But if you want to keep the party outside consider installing an Opening Closing Roof  over your pergola or patio & your problems are solved. 

They’re Great For Homes 

A motorised opening closing roof over a pergola is the perfect way to create an outdoor area to relax in that is not only stunning, but functional also. Having a tranquil space in your backyard, away from the noise and chaos of the house might be just what you need to relax. 

You can entertain guests, work from home, or relax with your family under your pergola or outdoor room  which will be both comfortable and protected from the weather. If the sky starts clouding over, you can retract the roof and shut it in case it starts to drizzle or control how much sunshine you get when the midday sun starts beating down. Your lifestyle, routines and lifestyle can improve with this addition to your home.

They’re Suitable For More Than Homes 

Not only are opening roofs perfect for your home’s pergola or deck area, they are also specified on buildings including hotels, restaurants & office blocks.  A pergola can provide a cool and comfortable outdoor area for people to relax in. In a business office setting your staff can enjoy this outdoor area with the protection of an opening roof, letting them set the scene. Open the louvres for the freshness of a summer day, or close them for a comfortable haven.  You can even use it as a meeting area with clients if you’re looking for somewhere close to the office, but also attractive and secluded. 

Louvretec has many Opening Roof options for you to choose from, including 11 different styles of louvre blades. They are all custom made and can be powder coated or anodised to over 100 colours. Something for everyone and every home or building.