The Roof System That's Built to Last

If you are one of those people who loves to entertain, you know that planning is everything. From casual dinner parties to birthdays, or more formal get-togethers, there is an art to entertaining. So, when it comes to your home, you have to plan ahead if you want to create a space that enhances your family life and your social gatherings.

Good architectural design means considering the balance between the exterior and interior spaces. It also means a designing a home that’s appropriate for the changing weather and different seasons. A unique architectural design could also add value to your home, or be a talking point in your family for generations.

The idea of an outdoor space is great for entertaining guests, or enjoying a simple brunch on the deck, but what happens when it’s windy or the sun’s not as warm as you would like? To truly find the right balance between outdoor and indoor living, you need a robust solution that will withstand the tests of the elements and time.

black dining chair table set outdoor setting with shutter roof

Why Go For Louvretec's Opening Roof System

Louvretec’s Opening Roof system makes your outdoor space ready for all types of weather. The Opening Roof’s louvre blades can rotate up 180 degrees, giving you full access to natural light, but also forming a waterproof shelter when the rain starts to fall.

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to set the table, play cards, or simply read the paper, but the wind makes it near impossible? Louvretec Retractable Systems and Outdoor Blinds can shelter you from the wind without obstructing your view.

All Louvretec Retractable Systems are engineered to enhance your outdoor spaces, hiding the motor and moving parts out of sight. You can choose from a wide selection of retractable roof or wall styles, with some especially engineered to cater places with high wind conditions. Louvretec Retractable Systems easily adjust to weather and will surely stand the test of time.

So start planning to make your outdoor spaces more inviting, both for your guests and your family. A Louvretec Opening Roof, Sliding Shutter, or PVC Blind system gives you control over the elements with a solution that’s built to last. Let the sunshine on your outdoor brunch with friends, or enjoy the shade with your kids in the afternoon. The choice is yours.

For more information on opening roof systems, please visit your nearest Louvretec showroom.