The Perks Of A Pergola

A retractable roof for a pergola is one of our most popular products. In many cases, the pergola is attached to the house and when you add a louvre roof, as well as other outdoor room products such as outdoor blinds or glass sliding doors, you create a functional outdoor room. Pergolas can also be free-standing structures in the garden and there is no reason why you can’t have one in your back yard, complete with a roof. It will become an extra liveable space at your place and bring you a host of other benefits as well. 

For a start, a pergola can become a backyard feature, a clearly defined space that can bring new life to what was once a “dead zone” in your garden. This can add value to your home, with some experts suggesting that stunning landscaping can add as much as 20% to your property. This is in line with the growing demand from home buyers for outdoor spaces with the wow factor, and a pergola certainly has that. Adding a pathway from your home to the pergola is a simple thing you can do to create a nice flow in the area, and this too is sought after.

This can be accentuated by the addition of a retractable louvre roof that makes the pergola a backyard retreat that can be enjoyed year-round, while great outdoor furniture and plants will further enhance the space. Climbing plants can wind their way around the posts of the pergola to add colour, and you can also plant shrubs within the space or bring in a few potted plants.

A pergola can also become your private place in the garden, where you can get away from it all. Although a pergola is an open structure, the use of screening plants, louvre shutters and screens and even outdoor blinds can give you the atmosphere you’re seeking.

While you might think of an outdoor room as something that is part of your house, there is nothing to stop you from creating a similar feel with a pergola in your garden. By adding a retractable roof you can enjoy the best of both worlds; when the roof is  open on a sunny day, your pergola is like the traditional structure it’s always been. But when you require shelter from the elements, the roof can be closed and your pergola takes on the feel of a room. That means it becomes a functional outdoor room that provides cover when you need it.