The Energy Efficient Retractable Roof

A retractable roof is a product of style and function.  It is the crowning glory for many an outdoor entertainment area. But your stylish investment pays even more dividends when you consider how it increases the energy efficiency of your home. The numbers are quite astounding.

A retractable roof can reduce heat gain when the sun is shining on northern facing windows, even better when you look at western facing windows. So, with a retractable roof, you can adjust the roof louvres to provide operable overhead shelter stopping  summer heat radiating into your home and turning the place into an oven. LouvreTec Australia can help you increase energy efficiency even further during the hotter months. For example, our louvre shutters and panels can work in conjunction with the retractable roof to control how much heat you let into your home.

There’s another chapter to this good news story, in winter, which can still be a very sunny season in Australia, a retractable roof can be adjusted to let the maximum amount of sun into your home, warming it up, this is called passive solar heating. 

When looking at the benefits of a retractable roof vs a solid roof consider a solid roof won’t let you control the amount of sunshine you let into your home, as well as your outdoor entertainment area. With a retractable roof, you can take advantage of the elements as and how you please.

If you’re considering a retractable roof for your home, the specialists at Louvretec Australia invite you to contact them and discuss the options. With a location near you, we can discuss the best energy-efficient, system for your specific area.