The different uses for outdoor blinds

Plan for your summer by thinking about your outdoor room now so you are ready. Transforming the exterior of your house is a game-changer when it comes to maximising the gorgeous summer weather in Australia. One of the best additions you can make are outdoor blinds. Mesh outdoor blinds bring welcomed shade control to your home, building and outdoor patio area & are available motorised or hand operable. Louvretec PVC Blinds are available hand operable. We’ve listed out the key benefits of adding these to your home.


This is a priceless luxury, especially if your garden is on show to the nearby neighbours. Installing Mesh outdoor blinds is a great way to add cover to your outdoor areas and increase your privacy. Available in various degrees of openness, you can choose the level of privacy you get throughout the day.

Create shade

The sun in Australia is, well, hot! Harmful rays can be damaging to your skin and although you might be careful, with no shade, you will accumulate a lot of UV rays throughout the year. Sitting out in the sun on a lazy weekend sounds idyllic but if the heat gets too much you’ll be forced inside with the refuge of shade and air-con. Opting to add outdoor blinds to your garden means more time spent in the sanctuary of the outdoors. Shade also means you can use your laptop or phone outdoors without the glare prohibiting you. With more and more people working from home, this could make a significant difference to you.

Bad weather

It’s not constant sunshine here, so let’s consider the opposite. Driving rain and wind can be the cause of cancellation for hundreds of barbecues every weekend. Adding adjustable shelter in the form of Louvretec’s outdoor blinds can protect you from the elements year-round. Our clear PVC especially provides excellent protection from driving wind & rain. Don’t let your garden be used for Summer only.

Not just for your home

Outdoor blinds are for businesses too. Especially customer-facing companies who want to provide shade and weather protection for their outdoor seating. With a stylish design and great look, Louvretec is known for creating gorgeous outdoor spaces for homes and companies alike. Create a better environment for yourself, your employees and customers today.

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