Tackle The Cold Season with Outdoor Blinds

Australians love the outdoors. We don’t usually let the elements get in the way of a good time, whether it be the coldest winter or scorching heat waves, we manage to find a way to continue on with our outdoor lifestyle. 

The key is to create an outdoor space that remains comfortable all year long. This is where outdoor blinds come in handy for tackling the season all year round. Many homes in Australia already feature a pergola so an outdoor blind can easily be installed onto these structures to create an outdoor entertainment area that is shielded from the cold, rain, wind and harsh UV rays. Ideally, your pergola or deck area will feature a Louvretec Opening roof and we can simply add our Louvretec Australia outdoor blinds to close in the sides of your deck. 

Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean your outdoor space sits unused for half the year. We want to open your home up to the outdoors as much as possible. With our range of outdoor blinds, heating and lighting accessories, you can keep dry, warm and create a cosy outdoor space for your family and friends to enjoy during the colder months too.

Keep the wind and debris out

Outdoor blinds not only keep your home comfy and help increase your privacy, but they also reduce leaves, dust and debris accumulation within your outdoor area. How many times have you swept your outdoor areas only to find them covered again (overnight!) with more leaves, sand from the garden and a thick layer of dust?

This winter is not only going to be the coldest one, but weather signs point to a windy climate as well. Australian outdoor blinds provide a barrier not just from rain and wind, but also what the wind brings in such as winter leaves and dirt.

Outdoor blinds work all year round

The great thing about outdoor blinds is that they work beautifully, all year round. They not only benefit you in winter but also work wonders in the summer to block out harmful rays and scorching heat from your home. 

Imagine having the option to create the perfect outdoor entertainment area anytime, at the push of a button. You can have your PVC outdoor blinds extended fully for privacy, or when you are having a BBQ, and have them up to let some sunshine and natural breeze in. The best thing is, it’s a one-time cost with long term benefits for all everyone at home and your guests.

How to choose the best outdoor blinds this winter

Before choosing the most suitable outdoor blinds for your home, you need to consider which area of your home you want the outdoor blinds installed? Areas such as verandah, patio, or pergola that you want to set up as an outdoor entertaining area is a good start. Next, you will need to decide on the type of outdoor blind operation.

Manual operation requires you to manually wind and unwind an easy wind mechanism in order to draw or extend the outdoor blind. Manual operation is popular with homeowners who do not need to draw or extend their outdoor blinds too often. They are very simple to operate.

Motorised outdoor blinds feature fully automated controls. Perfect for smart wired homes - enjoy the sophistication and the convenience of motorised outdoor blinds.

Louvretec Australia outdoor blinds are custom manufactured to the highest standards. We’d love to talk design options with you. Simply complete our Make an Enquiry form and one of our friendly consultants will be in touch with you. They will be able to guide you from start to finish including a quotation and deliver the best customer experience on your project.