Sun louvre systems for commercial use

The aesthetic of your commercial building is becoming more and more important for both your customers and your workers. One way to improve the look of your company is with the addition of a sun louvre system. Sun louvre systems are specifically designed with adjustable blades to allow or omit sunlight. Perfect for outdoor areas or exterior you may want to be able to decide between sun and shade, as well as shutters to manage sunlight entering your property. Available in motorised, hand operable, end fixed & bracket fixed options, our sun louvres come in a range of powdercoat or anodised colours. 

Here are some reasons to add our popular sun louvre systems for commercial use:

  1. Add a design aesthetic to new builds or refresh old builds: The more inviting your business looks, the more interest it will garner. 
  2. Block direct sunlight into your office in the midday sun: If your business has large windows or glass walls, the sun may be causing your commercial building to get way too hot in the Australian sun. Louvretec motorised or angled sun louvres can block the sun and offer a much more comfortable experience for customers and employees.
  3. Create a shaded outdoor area: Known as much for their aesthetically pleasing nature as they are for their functionality, our sun louvres make for a great addition to outdoor areas. As an outdoor area for customers or employees, they can protect you from damaging UV rays due to the controllable shade functionality they provide.
  4. Protect your products: If you sell products, such as books, furniture or shoes, sunlight can damage them through discolouration. Louvres are a great way to protect your products by creating intermittent shade throughout the day.
  5. Branding: Our louvres can be powdercoated in company colours to reinforce a brand. 
  6. Cover unsightly ventilation systems: Commercial buildings can have less-than-attractive ventilation systems or outdoor storage that can be hidden by strategically positioned louvres. 
  7. Winter sun: Allowing passive winter sun into the building can reduce the need for heating in winter, saving energy and money. 

Louvretec Australia brings you a complete range of Airfoil and Rectangular shaped sun louvres. A large range of louvre sizes constructed of aluminium is suited to both residential homes & commercial buildings. Contact us today to find out more.