Sun Louvre Care: Some Easy TLC

We’d like to share some advice about louvre care and maintenance, particularly for our Louvretec sun louvres. You’ll see how easy it is to take care of our louvres, and that will keep them looking great and working properly.  It doesn’t take long to do if you do it often, and thanks to the quality of the materials we use in the manufacturing of our products, it’s something you won’t have to do too often.

We recommend you clean your louvre systems every three months. They’re an outdoor product so are obviously  exposed to the elements.  However, if you live in a coastal region within a kilometre of the ocean, or in an area that produces lots of dust or smoke, e.g. geothermal or industrial areas, you should clean your louvres every three months. This ensures that adverse environmental conditions won’t damage the exterior surfaces of the louvre systems.

When it comes to cleaning your louvres, avoid dry dusting as this might scratch the surface of the louvres. It’s always best to use a wet sponge to remove loose material deposits. A wet sponge should also be used if you notice any moss. For the removal of grime, salt, dust or other dirt, combine a mild household detergent (one that you handwash your crockery with) and warm water and remove with a soft brush - rinse with fresh water to remove detergent residues. 

When cleaning your louvres remember to keep it gentle and don’t push the blades, keep it soft.  Soft brushes and a mild household detergent is generally all you need for a  clean, followed by a rinse with fresh water, keeping the flow of water away from the gear drives and motor.  The use of a water blaster or high-pressure hose near electrical points of automated motors should be avoided.

Also feel free to contact your Louvretec dealer for more cleaning advice.

This applies to all of our products be it louvres, a retractable roof or outdoor blinds. Just get in touch for the best products as well as expert advice on looking after them - that way, you’ll gain maximum enjoyment from them for many years to come.