Summer in Australia - Advantages of Louvres & Shutters

December, January and February are the hottest months in Australia. With temperatures known to go up to 45 C and above in some places, this season can certainly be harsh. Looking for ways to cool off is something everyone is looking to do during the sunny Australian summer.

Our homes too could use a bit of cooling off and the best way to do this is to let in as much ventilation as possible. Making the most of summer breezes and letting them circulate through the house is a great way to cool the house without using air conditioning. In this way, you not only give your home a breath of fresh air but you are also helping the environment.


Louvres are slats that are usually arranged horizontally in a window or even a roof. The slats are positioned at an angle to allow in air and light but keep out direct sunlight and rain. The newest trend in louvres is electrically adjustable louvres that can be moved and angled according to your preference.

Installing louvres into doors, windows and even roofs is a great solution to letting in the right amount of breeze and light while keeping out direct sunlight. Louvres can be adjusted so that they can be opened fully when you want to brighten up the place and let more air in or they can be fully closed when you don’t. You also get a range of in-between positions which let you adjust them just the way you need them to be.

Louvres are available in a variety of colours and in different materials like metal, wood and fibreglass. You can find an installation that blends in with the design of your house and matches your style perfectly.


Shutters provide a framework for louvres to be fitted into doors and windows. They are made up of horizontal rails and vertical stiles into which the louvres can be slated. Fixed or adjustable louvres can be fitted into shutters and can be operated manually or by remote control.

Installing shutters and louvres into your doors and windows gives you full control over the amount of air and light you let into your home. With the installations, you have the power to conveniently make adjustments with a press or a button or even from your smartphone.

Shutters are made from different materials including wood, metal or fibreglass and are available in different colours.

LouvreTec has the finest selection of louvres and shutter that are available all over Australia. Go through our whole range of products to find something that suits your needs. We would be happy to answer all your questions, advise you on the best installation for your home and give you a good cost estimate. We look forward to working with you.