How To Stop Blinds Blowing In The Wind

How To Stop Blinds Blowing In The Wind

It can be truly frustrating when you want to block light from streaming into your home but have an open window that causes blinds to do their little dance in the wind. When you are sitting on the sofa watching TV or reading a book it can be distracting and downright annoying when fabric blinds are clanging around in the background. There are some measures you can take to attempt to fix this issue:

  1. Weight the blinds down with weight discs
  2. Cover your wooden/plastic window frames to silence the noise of banging
  3. Use adhesive strips to secure your blinds to reduce movement

Unfortunately, none of these methods are particularly appealing or aesthetically pleasing on the eye. Because of the nature of blinds, hanging freely within the frame, they will always encounter movement at the smallest sight of a draft. Over time this can wear on your blinds and wear on your patience. So, is there an alternative to fabric blinds from providing privacy and sunlight control?

Outdoor Blinds

Our mesh shade or PVC Outdoor Blinds offers welcomed shade control in the day and important privacy at night. With these blinds being placed outside the window, a number of benefits are found. 

  1. No longer will you have to see unsightly blinds hanging in front of your window. Mesh blinds are made for the outside creating a simpler and minimalistic design for your home.
  2. Outdoor blinds are securely fitted whilst retaining the ability to be easily opened and closed to permit or control sunlight. Being securely fitted means no room to be blown by the wind and therefore no annoying knocking sounds anymore.
  3. Outdoor blinds come with the option of motorised technology meaning you can remotely open your blinds from anywhere in the house.

Want to stop your blinds from blowing in the wind? Upgrade to outdoor blinds and transform all your windows and glass walls into a sleek and stylish design throughout your home.


  • Mesh Blinds offer a large range of fabric colours
  • Powdercoated, aluminium frames
  • Mesh offers privacy & protection from weather & insects
  • Outdoor Blinds disappear in to a stylish head box when fully retracted
  • Mesh comes in varying degrees of openness

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