So Many Colours

An exciting part of choosing your Louvretec product is deciding which colour your Opening Roof or Sun Louvres colour will be.

Our customers take inspiration from their existing joinery or their roofing colour to continue their house colour theme – creating a beautiful blend with the rest of the home. Customers also use the opportunity to add a pop of colour to their home. Copper Penny looks amazing and creates a statement piece. Copper louvres or Bronze louvres are very popular at present, also when paired with a contrasting charcoal frame and posts.

Another popular colour choice at present is the delightful Tui Tusk which as the name suggests is a soft, light grey. White will always be in the top 10 colour choices and for any Opening Roof. White is available in many colours from an Appliance White through to Almond. It is important you view our actual colour samples before making your final colour decision. Due to screen resolutions when viewing colours from your device obviously some colours may look different in reality.

Louvretec Colour Cards

Louvretec can provide you with a colour card or a sample of your colour. The Louvretec product range is available in many powdercoat and anodised colours. The colour choices we have available reflect modern design trends and the large colour range provides our customers with the ability to complement or enhance their building’s style and taste.

Louvretec uses Dulux, an experienced, leading global powder supplier for the supply of the colour powder. Dulux also offers a choice of matte, gloss, flat and pearlescent finishes so we can create your opening roof or sun louvres to your precise requirements.

What's the difference between powdercoating and anodising?

louvretec colours to choose from

We get asked a lot what the difference is between powdercoating and anodising. All Louvretec products are made of aluminium. We receive the metal in a raw finish and to get the colour a customer wants we then either powdercoat or anodise the louvres to their colour choice.

Anodising is in the metal so it becomes a part of the profile. Unlike powdercoating, Anodising is not on top of the metal. Anodising is an electrochemical process that binds a layer of aluminium oxide to the surface of the aluminium louvre blade – so it becomes ingrained.  You can see and feel the texture of the metal, it is also harder than a powdercoat finish.

Beautiful, deep metallic colours can be achieved with anodising and a silver anodised finish is highly specified by customers and architects. A bronze anodised also looks stunning especially when paired with a matte black frame.

Powdercoating sees a fine powder sprayed on top of the louvres and then this colour is based on. Powdercoating gives a beautiful, smooth finish and is the best option for customers wanting a white or coloured opening roof. There is a huge range of powdercoat colour choices including metallic textures and even wood grain effect.

Your colour choice says a lot about you and your home or building. Colour defines your space and complements your home or building. All Louvretec products are coloured with an outstanding finish whether that is through powdercoating or anodising. Talk to us today how you can sample our range of colours available for your Opening Roof or other Louvretec products.