Slide Your Way To A Cosier Space

We’ve spoken before about our glass sliding doors but we thought it timely to do so again, as they can help to create a very cosy and fashionable space in winter. While a retractable louvre roof is a fantastic feature in its own right, when you add our Slidetec glass doors and windows and use them as sliding wall infills, you end up with a warm and comfortable enclosed area. At this time of year, with the temperatures getting cooler, that investment in sliding doors will allow you to enjoy your outdoor room year-round. And with us being able to provide you with heating options as well, your sliding doors will help to create a snug winter room.  

Our Slidetec products have been designed to keep the glass infill sides frameless, so in terms of visual appeal, they are superior to older style sliding doors and windows with their heavy look frames and joinery. You could say that Slidetec doors and windows are pretty much all glass, and all class. Check out the gallery through the link we’ve provided above and you’ll see how good they look. Not only do they serve a very practical purpose, but they also add plenty of aesthetic impact to a home as well.   

For all their good looks, Slidetec doors and windows are very tough and durable. The toughened glass sliders are designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh Australian climate we know so well. That means that they have been designed with coastal conditions, and high wind zones in mind. This makes your outdoor setting  so much more comfortable for you when the weather is poor and gives you the reassurance you need that our products are of high quality. 

So why stop with an opening closing louvre roof for your patio? Consider closing in the sides with our stylish glass sliding doors and windows to create an outdoor room. This gives you more than an outdoor entertainment space. It becomes a liveable area to dine, relax and rest, even when it’s just you and the family at home. At the same time, it can add value to your lifestyle. Stunning outdoor spaces are a hot item on the shopping list of most home buyers these days - and you don’t get any more stunning than Slidetec!

Contact us to discuss our Slidetec sliding glass doors and windows, and how you can use them to create an outdoor room you can live in during all seasons.