Preserving Your Privacy

Some people call them outdoor blinds, others call them external blinds or cafe blinds. Whatever you want to call them, we’re sure you’ll agree that they look wonderful and would be a fantastic addition to your home. As well as having a renowned Louvretec aesthetic, our outdoor blinds, be they mesh or PVC, combine lots of practical advantages particularly during the summer months - they’re great at controlling insects, they offer excellent protection from the weather, and in the case of our mesh outdoor blinds, they give you a higher degree of privacy as well. For many of our customers who have already invested in mesh external blinds, this is a major benefit.  

Privacy is important to all of us, and it always has been. But in recent months, we understand the value of privacy so much more. The Covid-19 lockdowns  have seen so many of us confined to our homes is one of the primary causes of a need for effective privacy systems. To break that feeling of confinement, our family has used as much of the house as possible to escape to and relax in - and on a nice day, that means spending more time in our outdoor areas. Of course, with pretty much everyone else in your street doing the same thing, at times you might feel that space is a bit exposed and open to prying eyes. Our mesh blinds are just one way to preserve your privacy. 

Mesh blinds can be brought down to make your area a more private one, but such is their design, you won’t feel like you’re hiding behind a big brick wall and totally shut away from the world. Our mesh outdoor blinds come in varying degrees of openness depending on the degree of shelter, protection and privacy you desire. (“Openness” is defined as the little squares you see when you take a close-up look at the mesh). While they give you privacy during the day, they do so in such a way that your area still has that feel of being outside - you won’t feel walled in.  

Our aluminium louvre shutters do very much the same thing. They can be adjusted in seconds to give you the privacy you're entitled to. Unlike solid structures, you can still see out while others can’t see in when you require. You also enjoy natural light and ventilation and can control these things to your liking.  

If it’s privacy you’re after, we have the product to suit, be it outdoor blinds or louvre shutters. Contact us today and we’ll help you create a special space that is yours, and yours alone!