Prepare Your Outdoor Room for Autumn

As the Australian summer season fades away and the cool autumn breeze sets in, it's time to start thinking about preparing your outdoor space for the change in season. With our pick of Louvretec products, you can continue to enjoy your outdoor space throughout the autumn months and into the winter. Instead of having to store away your outdoor furniture to protect it from the elements and move anything electrical indoors, transform your outdoor area into a purpose-made outdoor room which is usable in Autumn. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Shelter from Autumn Rain

Autumn in Australia often brings rain, so it's important to prepare for the change in weather. Invest in some shelter for your outdoor area. Consider installing an opening roof or retractable roof from Louvretec for adjustable control over the weather, shelter and shade. 

Protection from Wind

Once you have a Louvretec roof, you can infill the sides with outdoor shutters, frameless sliding glass doors or outdoor blinds. To continue using your outdoor room throughout the autumn and into the winter, you'll want to add one of our premium outdoor heating options to stay warm long into autumn evenings.

Add Cosy Accessories

To make your outdoor room even more inviting during the autumn months, consider adding some cosy accessories. Upgrade your outdoor furniture and make them Autumnal with soft blankets and outdoor rugs. Go even further by choosing autumn-friendly colours and patterns to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, such as reds, yellows, golds and oranges.

Add Evergreen Plants

As the summer flowers fade, it's a great time to add some autumn-friendly plants to your outdoor room. Consider planting evergreen shrubs and trees to view some year-round greenery just outside your Louvretec room, or add some green indoor plants to give your outdoor space a pop of colour and life during the autumn months.

Add Outdoor Room Lighting

There are still a few months yet but before we know it the clocks will change. And as the days get shorter, you'll want to consider adding premium lighting for your outdoor room from Louvretec. Adding lights means getting use out of your outdoor room after the sun has set.  You can also add some lanterns or candles to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

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