Building A Pergola: Council Permission And Roof Additions

Building A Pergola: Council Permission And Roof Additions

Timber Pergolas are decorative free-standing structures, common in gardens, that bring life to an otherwise ‘empty’ section of your garden. You can see how stylish these are with a quick Google. Some have simple designs, some are a little more intricate. No matter how they look, they can be improved with the addition of climbing plants, a splash of colour or by adding an Opening Roof  from Louvretec. This provides you with shade and shelter when you require or you can retract it to bring back the sight of clear blue skies whilst enjoying some vitamin D. 

Do you need council approval for a timber pergola?

If you don’t yet have a timber pergola, you’ll have to build one yourself or have one built. Alternatively, Louvretec offers a range of aluminium frames that have been designed especially for our Opening Roof systems - offering a clean, modern look that suits any style of building.

If you are after a more traditional look, pergolas in their true form are  usually made from a wooden structure and can look splendid with a bright white coat of paint. But, do you need council permission? When it comes to building a timber pergola, we suggest you contact your local council to enquire whether or not you need to go through an approval process. This will likely depend on the size of the pergola and some other factors. All councils will have their own set of rules and regulations regarding building consent. These will cover structural integrity, what materials you can use and the minimum construction standards you must meet.

What happens if you build a pergola without a permit?

Building a timber pergola without first seeking approval from the council can result in financial penalties and possibly even having to remove the structure. It is not worth running the risk. So make sure to gain the necessary approvals beforehand.

Adding an Opening Roof  roof to your timber pergola

This is a great tool for allowing your pergola to be enjoyed year-round, no matter the weather. Opening roofs give you the best of both worlds, allowing sun on a summer’s day and protecting you from wind and the weather on other days. Modernise your classic timber pergola structure with an Opening Roof giving you a functional outdoor room whenever you want it.

Louvretec aluminium frame

Louvretec also has a range of aluminium frames that we can create for you - designed especially for our Opening Roof range. So if you do not currently have a timber pergola ask us about our aluminium opening roof and frame options.

Considering adding a Louvretec Opening Roof to your timber pergola and enjoy a new, functional outdoor room.  Get in touch with us today to find out more and receive a quote for our Louvretec products. Just in time for summer.