Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2021

We can supply and install a retractable roof for a pergola, leaving you with a wonderful outdoor space that will be the envy of your family and friends. Our opening roofs are the ultimate in style and shelter, so putting one over a deck is a winning combination of fashionable functionality that will give you years of enjoyment. But how will you furnish that stunning space and make it even better? We have picked out a few outdoor furniture trends for 2021 that might help you.

  • Comfort and quality are major factors to think about, as well as style. It’s all about investing in the best pieces you can afford, as they’ll last for many years and give you the comfort of your living room or dining room in an outdoor setting. 
  • While outdoor spaces have traditionally been furnished with the bare basics i.e. a table and chairs, in 2021 there’s a push towards bringing the indoors out. Things like sofas, coffee tables, cushions, rugs and outdoor lighting are increasingly popular and they give the feeling of a room that just happens to be outdoors. 
  • If cushions are used in your outdoor space, think vibrant and colourful for 2021. Tropical themes are trending this year; think jungle prints, exotic birds, native foliage and tropical flowers. 
  • As we become more environmentally conscious, we further appreciate the importance of natural and sustainable materials. This is reflected in the popularity of furniture made from materials like acacia timber and reclaimed teak. These hardy and eco-friendly furnishings last longer and have less impact on the planet, and that’s why they’re trendy this year - and will be for many years to come.
  • Alfresco sofas and day beds with thick cushioning and moisture-resistant fabrics are in vogue in 2021 as outdoor spaces are transformed into areas for total relaxation - and with a roof over the top of you, this relaxation can be done in all weathers. 

If you are going to invest in a retractable roof to cover your outdoor space consider how you will furnish it. However, the first step is to create such a space by installing an opening roof so contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling.