Opening vs Retractable

Coming soon to cover a deck near you - our brand new retractable roof! It is due to be released in 2022 and it is already attracting a lot of attention from homeowners right around Australia. Many of them want to know the difference between a retractable roof and the Louvretec opening roofs we’re so well known for.  

Both roof systems have a lot in common, in particular, their ability to transform an outdoor area into an outdoor room due to the louvre blades being able to rotate opened or closed - combine the system with the our outdoor blinds or frameless sliding glass doors and you have a new functional space in your home. 

But here is the key difference between our opening roofs and our Retract roofs... Our opening roofs feature louvre blades made from the highest quality aluminium that can withstand harsh Australian conditions. The blades can be rotated to the open position up to 180 degrees or or fully closed, and adjusted to just about every angle in between, so they’re perfect for protecting you from the weather when the  desired amount of shade is required, no matter where the sun sits in the sky. When you look up, you will see the louvre blades that form the roof, with their sleek lines and colour chosen by yourself they’re a stylish part of your outdoor room.      

In comparison, our new retractable roof will also give the ability to adjust the louvre blades in exactly the same way as our opening roofs - but they go one step further in that the blades of the roof can also be retracted back so that when you look up and out your see sky and your view if you so choose. . . And when the sun goes down and you wish to create a cosy haven on our patio simply bring the louvre blades back in place overhead.  Clever! 

This is why retractable roofs are increasingly popular here and overseas, and we can’t wait to bring them to you. Like the opening roofs in our range, our retractable roofs will give you the ability to control heat, shade and weather  - the roof can be brought back to a standard position and adjusted however you see fit. It’s an exciting blend of the “wow” factor and practical, functional applications, and that is something that all Louvretec products have in common.

If you want to find out more about our new retractable roofs, or any other product in our range, contact your nearest Louvretec location. We’ll be happy to tell you everything you need to know.