The Distinction Between Opening and Retractable Roof Systems: Enhancing Outdoor Spaces with Louvretec

Our retractable roofs have transformed how many Australians cover their outdoor spaces, and just as many are intrigued by the prospect of investing in a retractable roof. Meanwhile, a lot of Australians simply want to know the difference between a Louvretec retractable roof and a Louvretec opening/closing roof. Our short answer is that they are both wonderful ways to cap off an outdoor space but have significant differences.

Common Ground In Louvretec Roof Systems

Both Louvretec roof systems, opening and retractable, have a few key points  in common, including engineered aluminium   louvre blades. These blades are manufactured from premium-quality aluminium, so they are made to last, and this durability is essential in Australian conditions. With their sleek lines and choice of colours, the blades are highly functional and aesthetically striking. They can be rotated to provide shade from the sun or shelter from the wind and rain, and regardless of their position at any given time, they are a stunning reminder of how Louvretec combines practical weather protection with striking design. Now we've covered common ground, let's explore the distinction between opening and retractable roofs.

Opening Roof Systems

An opening roof, sometimes called a louvred roof, can rotate louvre blades up to 180 degrees or, if conditions call for it, to fully close them. Easy adjustment of the louvre blades to be set at different angles provides optimum shade and protection from the elements, especially when the weather turns.  When louvre blades look as good as Louvretec blades, they become an integral part of an outdoor room's design. This is important because even though an opening roof can not be fully retracted and the blades will always be in sight, their visual appeal is an undeniable feature of your outdoor space.  

Retractable Roof Systems

It's fair to say that retractable roof systems offer the same advantages as opening roofs but go one step further. That step is significant and represents the critical difference between the two systems. Like an opening roof, a retractable roof comprises a series of louvre blades that can be adjusted to different angles. But a retractable roof can be fully retracted, so the blades retract back , leaving you with nothing but the sky as you gaze up. As you can imagine, this adds an incredible "wow" factor to any outdoor space and allows you to maximise perfect weather conditions. Of course, the louvred roof can be brought back to provide overhead protection and coverage should the weather deteriorate.

Discuss The Difference With Louvretec

Now you know the difference between Louvretec opening roofs and Louvretec retractable roofs, the next step is to decide what works best for you. There are several factors to consider, including budget, the size of the outdoor space, and the sort of look you want to achieve. We've helped thousands of Australians make that decision, so contact us and discuss the difference with Louvretec.