Opening the door to your outdoors

How much time do you spend outdoors in your garden or on your deck? In the summer months, we’re sure it triples at least. If there was a way to open up the walls of your home on beautiful days to let the outside become part of the house, we’re sure you would. Fortunately, we’re here to talk about sliding glass doors and the ways in which they can add the finishing touch to any outdoor area.

Easy Outdoor Access

Louvretec offers two glass sliding door options, both with frameless toughened glass and a floor  that can be integrated into your floor. A follower function provides easy sliding of the glass doors. Whether heading indoors or outdoors, you can quickly and easily access both with the side-sliding doors.

Bring in the Outdoors

Being frameless, even when the doors are shut you will feel connected to the outside world, with privacy offered by adding blinds. But when the slide doors are open, your house becomes connected to nature. The sound of the birds and the leaves rustling in the breeze. Glass sliding doors transform the inside of your house into part of your garden in a seamless way.

Stylish Design

Our quality engineering speaks for itself and our promise of customer satisfaction assures you that you’ll be happy with our work. Sliding doors from Louvretec create a frame of the outdoors on a grand scale, creating a picturesque view of the outdoors. Being frameless, there is no distraction from the beauty of nature outside.

Energy Saving Technology

Both our 10mm toughened or 12mm toughened glass Slidetec Frameless Glass Sliders have been designed to meet Australia's climatic conditions. High wind zones, coastal conditions, salt spray & hot and mild days are typical of the everyday demands met. Protection from harsh conditions can mean less spent running heat pumps or air conditioning units.


With internal or external locking systems offered, you can have faith that your home is safe and secure at all times. Louvretec Slidetec sliders use 10mm or 12mm toughened safety glass.

Multiple features and ranges can be mixed to find the ideal combination for your outdoor room. Make an enquiry and gain more information and advice on Louvretec products and installation you can get in touch with us today to discuss your bespoke needs. We’d be happy to help.