Most Popular Louvre and Shutter Colour Choices in Australia

Louvres and shutters are a great way to bring a bit of the outdoors in. By opening up the blades, air and light can be let in in just the right amounts. All over Australia, houses are having louvres and shutters installed to make the most of this versatile home addition.

From making your home cool during the warm summer to keeping you snug and cosy during the colder winter, louvres and shutters give you flexibility and freedom. Louvres and shutters are available in different colours and styles to suit every home. Some colours, of course, are more popular than others, so let’s look at what’s trending in Australian homes right now.

cream coloured louvre, covering deck with chairs 

Popular louvre and shutter colours in Australian homes

  • Dark brown: From mahogany to dark chocolate brown, darker shades of brown appear to be a favourite for louvres and shutters in Australian homes. Regardless of the actual material used in the installation, dark brown shades give off a definite rustic wooden feel. Dark browns go well with lots of house colour schemes and certainly seems to be the favourite at the moment.
  • Light browns: Following close behind darker shades of brown are the lighter shades of the same colour. Light browns have a more friendly and casual look as compared to the more formal looking dark varieties. Light browns too go well with a whole host of colour schemes and fit seamlessly into the design of the home.
  • Dark grey: Australian homes show a preference for darker colours in their louvres and shutters. Dark grey is another popular colour seen often in houses around the country. Dark grey might have some restrictions on what other colours it pairs well with, but with certain schemes, it contrasts beautifully. Dark grey paired with white or light grey walls adds dimension and character to a home.
  • White: White has always been the most versatile and safest colour to pair with anything else. Louvres and shutters in white offset the base colour of any wall well and add borders to a plain looking structure. White contrasts nicely with every colour from red to olive green and is always a great choice if you can’t quite make up your mind.
  • Cream: Rounding up the popular colours for louvres and shutters in Australian homes is cream. A pleasing, comforting colour, cream goes well with some colours in the spectrum. When paired well, cream-coloured louvres and shutters can look elegant and even sophisticated.

  • LouvreTec has louvres and shutters in a number of different colours and shades. You can take a look at our product gallery and find something that goes perfectly well with your existing colour scheme. We would be happy to answer all your questions and advise you in any way we can.