Making your outdoor room a Garden oasis

Creating an outdoor room either within your garden or from your deck can be a fantastic addition to any home. It increases the size of your living space, offers a place to entertain guests and relax in, and can make spending time in your garden a year-round activity. One stunning design style for your outdoor room is to bring in greenery.

Starting by providing shelter, your outdoor room can also have sides of your deck adding with shutters, frameless sliding glass doors, mesh outdoor blinds or clear PVC outdoor blinds. Our products are always stylish with a clean aesthetic, but it’s what you can do with our outdoor rooms that can make them an integral part of your home. Here’s how to bring the outdoors in.


Adding indoor plants will bring your outdoor room to life. The fresh air and shelter will help popular indoor plants thrive and bring the outdoors in. Add a monstera, rubber tree or tradescantia zebrina to add a beautiful green flash to your new garden sanctuary and help yourself feel like you’re amongst the natural elements of your outdoor space. 


The sound of running water - whether a stream, a waterfall or rain - is an anxiety-reducing tool. It relaxes the mind and can make you feel even more comfort in the warm and sheltered place you’re listening from. Adding a water feature in close proximity to your outdoor room will add an essence of nature, whilst enjoying the many indoor benefits of a warm and cosy Louvretec room. They can also easily be plugged into an electrical outlet in your outdoor room, rather than running long unsightly cables into the main part of your home.


One of the best parts is being able to watch nature pass by from your own comfort. Encourage nature to visit your garden with a bird feeder and bird bath in full view from your seating. You’ll be tempted to spend hours enjoying the flying visitors in your garden.


Cats and dogs adore outdoor rooms and the chance to spend more time in the garden without having to be let out. Inside your outdoor room, why not add a large aquarium or birdcage… or both. Children and Grandchildren especially enjoy having pets to look at and interact with. Fish are easy to care for and don’t require much maintenance. Birds dictate a little more care but make great pets.

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