Louvretec Australia Holiday Homes

When we leave the office we head for Noosa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. A stunning array of homes, apartments and beach houses on an amazing stretch of coastline and waterways.

It gives us such a buzz to spot Australian homes featuring Louvretec shutters and opening roofs adding to the resort living vibe. We also love to see the families interacting and enjoying their outdoor room.  Extended families enjoying long dinners on their decks catching up with each other’s lives the past year, taking some time out to watch the surf roll in at Main Beach or people watching, people stealing snippets of quality time all under an opening roof.

Creating more spaces in a house at the beach with an Opening Roof and being able to open up the louvres just the right way to let in breeze while shutting out the sun or the weather are some ways of being able to control your environment and set your scene with a Louvretec Opening Roof.

Experiencing all facets of the tropics - the whiff of a light zephyr or a full blown tropical electrical storm at times such as these when the weather is not playing the game, when you have to brave a beach walk, hang out inside more than you want to it’s such a bonus to still being able to be protected from the weather with our opening roofs, shutters or outdoor blinds doing their job of creating a haven that’s controllable by you.  Alternatively when it’s hot and sunny again, throw everything open and enjoy the summer breeze as you wish.

Style spotting

This year we have spied lots of pops of colour in Louvretec outdoor rooms. Colours such as jungle green, sea blue, turquoise, tangerine and lemon yellow all creating indoor outdoor ambience reminiscent of scenes from Hastings Street, the beaches and the beautiful National Park. It’s amazing how the colours of nature that have been in existence since forever influence our lives, enhance our mood and see us bringing snippets of natural treasures we find in outdoor life back in to our homes.

Oversized outdoor cushions on loungers, Turkish towels casually thrown on the back of a peacock chair inviting you to sit and take in the moment with a spritzer in hand.

Shells collected from beach walks, brought home and dusted off and grouped with the odd piece of driftwood make an outdoor table come alive whilst the opening roof protects you and your furniture from the elements.

Treasures’ brought back from the famous Eumundi Markets include beads and oversized white dream catchers that look perfect dangling from the frame of Opening Roofs fluttering away on summer breezes.  Candles fragranced with mango and coconut remind us of endless summer days.

Walking Hastings Street smelling coffee, Danish icecream, the colours of gelato, the exotic colours of cool clothing  All of these snippets of beach life and outdoor living that we bring elements of  back in to our home to continually relive these moments over and over.

Louvretec Opening Roof, Shutters and Outdoor Blinds are perfect for Residential and Commercial projects. Adaptable to any home or building style from a simple holiday home to a contemporary new build on the waterway or beachfront or a lock up and leave apartment. People install opening roofs not only for their aesthetic appeal but for the functionality the entire Louvretec product range provides the celebrated Australian way of life.