Louvres: A Feature With Functionality

Aluminium louvres are often thought of as functional additions to a property. Louvres do have very practical applications: they can provide shade, sun control, ventilation, privacy and, in the case of roof louvres, extra space by creating an outdoor room. This versatility has made aluminium louvres increasingly popular throughout Australia. What shouldn’t be overlooked though, is that louvres can also make a wonderful visual statement, no matter how they’re applied - that includes a louvre roof, louvre shutters, or sun louvres.  The cherry on top.  

So while you may be considering aluminium louvres because they’re something that will have a practical purpose around your home, consider how they’ll change the appearance of your property. Take a little time to think about how those louvres will look in addition to how they’ll perform. 

At Louvretec Australia, we enjoy the initial consultation process with our customers because it allows us to discuss the visual element as well as the functional factor. We ask the following questions during the design consultation, including:  

  • Will the louvres blend in with the surrounding landscaping and garden? Or would a contrast between louvres and the outdoor area be more striking? The colour palette of the outdoor area will obviously play an important part in determining what colour the louvres will be. 
  • If we’re installing sun louvres, would airfoil or rectangular shaped louvres look best? Maybe the design of the building will be our guide in that respect? 
  • Would sliding, bi-folding or hinged louvre shutters look best on these particular doors and windows? 
  • Add a finishing touch – retro fit as required louvre gates, fences, balustrades or any other product that will add function and street appeal to the initial aluminium louvre installations we’re putting in place. 

These are just a few of the things we might talk about during the initial planning stage. We know that the end result is so important in terms of function and aesthetic. LouvreTec Australia would love to talk about that winning blend, so get in touch and we’ll chat about the possibilities.