Losing The Lawn, Loving The Louvres

The Houzz landscaping study is always a great insight into how we Australians view the outdoor spaces at our homes, and how we use them. As a company that helps people enjoy the very best of outdoor living , we always take a special interest in it and we thought we’d share some of it with you. It might change the way you think about the outdoor areas at your home, especially in the back yard.

Some of the statistics are revealing. Thanks to our wonderful climate, one in two Australian homeowners uses their outdoor space for entertaining. This is in marked contrast to much cooler countries like Sweden or Denmark, where outdoor areas are there for display purposes only; they’re usually experienced from the warmth and comfort of their lounge rooms. 

Over two-thirds of Australian homeowners have a lawn, but almost half change it when embarking on an outdoor project. 22 % reduce the size of the lawn, and 10 % get rid of it altogether! Nearly half of the people doing outdoor renovations replace their lawn with an outdoor structure i.e a patio, deck or gazebo. Of those respondents in the Houzz landscaping study, half said they remove or reduce their lawns to reduce maintenance. 

An interesting finding from the study was how Australians view street appeal. It wasn’t too long ago that a home’s first impression was considered the most important thing of all, but this study found that the vast majority now concentrate on renovating the back of the house rather than the front or side yards. Interestingly, just 13 % of renovators choose to put in a pool.

Louvretec loves nothing more than helping home owners transform their back yard into an outdoor living space. As leaders in louvre roofing systems in Australia, we’re creating outdoor rooms that reflect our nation’s new “less lawn, more leisure” ethos. So while street appeal out the front will always be important, one of the top priorities for Australians right now is what’s happening out the back.

If you want to join the revolution and turn your back yard into something spectacular, Louvretec Australia can help you. Our product range offers you a myriad of ideas, lots of inspiration and plenty of stunning features.