Light Up Your Outdoor Space

The evening sky puts on quite a show once the sun goes down and the stars come out. Just ask anyone who has installed a LouvreTec retractable roof. They’ll tell you that on a balmy night, there’s nothing better than sitting in an outdoor room, opening the retractable roof and gazing skywards. It is one of the reasons why our roofs are so popular.

Right here in your home, things can be just as spectacular with the addition of well-placed lighting. Outdoor lighting can add the finishing touch to any exterior entertainment area, be it within the space itself or in the garden. While you’re creating something special with the addition of that retractable rooftop, along with some louvres or sliding doors to create an outdoor room, you should top it all off with lights that shine as beautifully as the stars above. 

Louvretec outdoor lighting includes placing lighting strips inside the gutter of your Opening Roof, or attached on to the louvre blades. We also have downlighting available for the posts. Lighting colours include warm white, cool white and red, blue and green for a bit of furn.

Here are a few things to consider when looking at outdoor lighting:

If your outdoor entertainment area is regularly used for alfresco dining and has an Opening roof then consider either gutter or blade lighting to light up the area above. 

If you don’t have an Opening Roof then one light blazing above the table can be  at time harsh, so look at wall lighting if you can. We think that an outdoor area should give you enough light for dining for atmosphere.

When you use lighting to frame a garden entrance or gateway you make a spectacular statement, but you should also use lighting to show guests if there’s a change of level on a path or walkway. Uplighting trees and textured walls is also a nice way to set the mood, as well as provide illumination, but be careful not to overdo it. Too much lighting can blend in and wash out the individual statements you’re trying to make through the garden. 

Outdoor light fittings work best when they complement the style of your home, or if they remain invisible. Subtle bronze or tarnished copper fittings blend nicely with most settings in this regard.  If you have painted walls, coloured fittings to match a wall or accent certain colours would also be a good fit. There’s no shortage of outdoor fittings: spike lights that you push into the ground are easy and require minimal fuss to set up. Hanging lights give you illumination but are also decorative features in their own right. In-ground lights give a clean and flush finish if you want the light to be the star, rather than the fitting. And don’t forget wall lights, step lights, bollards, pedestals, poles, and feature lights to dot around the area. Again, don’t overdo it. You don’t want too many lights competing with each other as that will confuse the picture you’re trying to paint.

Your outdoor lighting shouldn’t be a random thing or treated as an afterthought. Think seriously about it, and call in a landscaper for more expert advice. When you get it right, it finishes off the wonderful outdoor living area that we can help you create.