Keep Your Cool, Australia!

At Louvretec Australia, we’re not just about adding a “wow” factor to the appearance of your home. Of course, our products will provide a stylish aesthetic to your home but, at heart, our products are designed to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and make the most of your  home.  Staying cool on a hot summer’s day is part of that, and products like our mesh shade outdoor blinds, opening shutters and retractable roofs help to bring the temperature down in your outdoor living area. But there are other things you can do to beat the heat, and here are a few of them.

  • The best thing you can do to keep cool is to stay hydrated. Pour yourself a cool glass of iced water and while you’re at it check in on the plants in your garden. If they look like they need more water, then it’s virtually guaranteed that you do too!
  • Cool mist humidifiers are great additions to any outdoor area. They deliver frequent bursts of cooling mist to the space, and you can even buy handheld mist spray bottles for each guest.
  • While products like our retractable roofs and exterior shutters can be adjusted to provide shade during the day, a wide-brimmed hat will give you constant shade and keep you cool and sun-protected whenever you move away from your covered outdoor area.
  • Make the most of the breeze. Again, our products come to the fore. Opening roofs and shutters let the breeze in, while our mesh shade outdoor blinds also allow for cool air to come into your outdoor living space.
  • Wear light fabric, such as cotton, that is able to absorb sweat and let you feel the breeze. Avoid dark colours and check that the lighter colours you are wearing are actually made from breathable fabrics.
  • Every now and again, run cold water from the tap onto your wrists. Your wrists are pulse points, where blood vessels are closest to the surface of your skin. If you can cool the blood at your pulse points (the inner elbow, behind the knee, and your ankles are also pulse points), it recirculates into the central part of your body and cools you down. 
  • Following on from the above tip, put a towel in the fridge until it’s nice and cool and place it on your neck. This is the most direct way to reach your body's cranium-thermostat centre.
  • Watch what you eat! Ingredients like ginger, coconut oil, brown rice, garlic, and cayenne pepper contain properties that raise your body temperature, so they’re best kept for winter. 
Staying cool is easier when you have Louvretec at your home. You can control the sun, breeze and shade, and you can do it easily. To find out just how easy it is, contact your nearest branch and we’ll help you keep your cool year, after year, after year.